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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

More Forthcoming Faculty and Student Publications

Here are just a few of the forthcoming faculty publications from COPS group members that I have learned about. I'm sure there are more to follow!

William Eveland and Myiah Hively, "Political discussion frequency, network size, and 'heterogeneity' of discussion as predictors of political knowledge and participation" in Journal of Communication.

Myiah Hively and William Eveland, "Contextual antecedents and political consequences of adolescent political discussion, discussion elaboration, and network diversity" in Political Communication.

Lance Holbert, Heather LaMarre, and Kristen Landreville, "Fanning the flames of a partisan divide: The role of debate viewing in the formation of partisan-driven post-election evaluations of personal vote count accuracy" in Communication Research.

Young Mie Kim, “Issue publics in the new information environment: Selectivity, domain-specificity, and extremity” in Communication Research.

Andrew Hayes and Teresa Myers, “Testing the 'proximate casualties hypothesis': Local troop loss, attention to news, and support for military intervention” in Mass Communication and Society.

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