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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Neo wins NCA award

Rachel NeoCongratulations to Rachel Neo. Her paper, “Examining the Influence of SNS Network Homogeneity on Actual Voting Behavior Via Affective Responses toward In and Out-Group Presidential Candidates As Intervening Variables” was named one of four Top Student Papers in the Political Communication Division of the National Communication Association.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Stoycheff, Nisbet win AEJMC Paper Award

Congratulations to former (is there such a thing? COPS-4-LIFE!) COPS member Elizabeth Stoycheff, COPS member Erik Nisbet, and Dmitry Epstein for winning first place in the Robert L. Stevenson Paper Competition of the International Communication Division of AEJMC. Their paper, "Differential Effects of Information-Rich and Information-Poor Internet Use on Citizens' Demand for Democracy" was presented last week at the AEJMC conference in Montreal.

Nisbet, Cooper and Garrett Award Winning Paper in Press at ANNALS

Congratulations to Erik Nisbet, Kaatie Cooper, and Kelly Garrett for their top-3 paper award winning AEJMC paper, "The Partisan Brain: How Dissonant Science Messages Lead Conservatives and Liberals to (Dis)trust Science." The paper was presented to the ComSHER division at the AEJMC conference last week, and is in press at the ANNALS of the American Academy of Political and Social Science. It can be found here:

Garrett, Carhahan & Lynch Paper Wins Best Paper in Political Behavior

Congratulations are in order for Kelly Garrett and political science graduate students Dustin Carnahan and Emily Lynch. Their collaborative paper, "A Turn Toward Avoidance? Selective Exposure to Online Political Information, 2004-2008," was recently awarded the Best Paper in Political Behavior by the American Political Science Association's Elections, Public Opinion, and Voting Behavior section. Their paper is the inaugural winner of this award. An abstract of the paper can be found here: