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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Myiah Hutchens Accepts Faculty Position at Texas Tech

Congratulations to COPS member Myiah Hutchens, who just yesterday decided to accept an assistant professor position at Texas Tech University! This is a terrific position at a doctoral-granting institution that has really been "on-the-move" in recent years and making very solid hires. Way to go Myiah!

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Latest Issue of Journal of Communication

The OSU School of Communication is well represented in the March 2010 issue of Journal of Communication. First, Lance Holbert, Kelly Garrett, and doctoral student Laurel Gleason published "A New Era of Minimal Effects? A Response to Bennett and Iyengar." Later in the issue School of Communication Director Carroll Glynn and former COPS member (and Andrew Hayes M.A. advisee) Mike Huge published "Hostile Media and the Campaign Trail: Perceived Media Bias in the Race for Governor." Congrats!

Course on Habermas in Poli Sci by Neblo

Mike Neblo from Political Science has asked that I convey some information about his Spring 2010 graduate course (T/Th 3:30-6:18) on Habermas:

After several years here, I am finally getting to teach a course on Habermas (PS766), and wanted to reach out to any interested grad students in communications. I have not finalized the syllabus, but it is worth noting that I intend the course as an overview of his whole system of thought, not just his political philosophy. So we will be spending some time on his epistemology, theory of modernity and communication, and discourse ethics, before finishing up with his political thought and applications. If you think that this would be a good fit for any of your students, I would be eager to have them!