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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

New Library website

Graham Walden, the Communication Librarian, has created an OSU Library web page dedicated to survey research.  The page includes many of the resources that we discussed in COPS a couple years ago.  You can find it here:

Friday, February 08, 2013

Update on PolNet Conference

Scott McClurg1:29pm Feb 8


"Important Announcements Regarding the 6th Annual Political Networks Conference and Workshops, June 26-29 in Bloomington, IN:

**The application deadline has been extended to February 15!

**The NSF has recently renewed support for this conference and for generous graduate fellowships.

**The fellowship application deadline will be March 1; and the website will include an application feature very soon. Contact Bruce Desmarais (, Fellowship Committee Chair, for more information.

**The workshops will cover novice and advance network topics and will continue to be a highlight of the conference and a valuable training opportunity--at a bargain. Workshop details will be forthcoming on the website.

** Keynote speakers include Dr. Brint Milward and Dr. Robert Huckfeldt.

**Visit for more information. **Apply Today**"

Polnet conference at IU in June

Hi everyone,

Just got this message from Scott McClurg. I strongly endorse this conference if you're interested in networks. It's much like MAPOR, where you get close contact with the biggest names in the game. I went last year and thoroughly enjoyed it; I'm only not going this year due to travel conflicts...

As you may or may not know, this year's Political Network Conference is very close to SIU -- its in Bloomington, Indiana.  It should be relatively inexpensive and we will have scholarships for students (I'm trying to find more information on how to apply).  I know all of you have some interest in SNA and are using it in your dissertations (in some form).  I encourage you to apply for funding and attending.  The deadline is coming up soon, but this is a good way to have people see your research.  If you're just interested in more training, its good for that as well.  Details are here:

Aaron, Alison, Darren, Chip, Jeff -- plz. forward to interested graduate students. Or, come yourselves!