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Friday, February 08, 2013

Polnet conference at IU in June

Hi everyone,

Just got this message from Scott McClurg. I strongly endorse this conference if you're interested in networks. It's much like MAPOR, where you get close contact with the biggest names in the game. I went last year and thoroughly enjoyed it; I'm only not going this year due to travel conflicts...

As you may or may not know, this year's Political Network Conference is very close to SIU -- its in Bloomington, Indiana.  It should be relatively inexpensive and we will have scholarships for students (I'm trying to find more information on how to apply).  I know all of you have some interest in SNA and are using it in your dissertations (in some form).  I encourage you to apply for funding and attending.  The deadline is coming up soon, but this is a good way to have people see your research.  If you're just interested in more training, its good for that as well.  Details are here:

Aaron, Alison, Darren, Chip, Jeff -- plz. forward to interested graduate students. Or, come yourselves!

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