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Friday, September 12, 2008

Football, of sorts

In spite of the OSU vs. USC hoopla of late, it isn't all about football at OSU. Ok, maybe football matters, but sometimes of a different kind. The Columbus Crew is currently #1 in the MLS, and we have a number of soccer fans, students and faculty, who enjoy attending the Crew games. For instance, here we see Jorg Matthes, Erik Nisbet, Andrew Hayes, and Ray Pingree watching the Crew win again. Maybe it doesn't look that exciting from this photo, but it is. Granted, if you really want to have fun, you have to hang with the grad students in the fan section.


Michael Beam said...

Students get $10 tickets through the student union that come with a $5 concession coupon--it's a great deal. We've had grad students representing at almost every game this season in the supporters section. Go Crew! Top of the table!

William "Chip" Eveland said...

Football? That's not FOOTball. That's FUTball!!! ;-) FOOTball happens in Ohio Stadium!!! ;-)