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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Teresa Myers Commits for PhD

Keeping the momentum going, I learned today that Teresa Myers, who completed her MA here in Winter quarter (Andrew Hayes adviser, Carroll Glynn committee member), will be staying on with us here at OSU/COPS for her PhD. Teresa, who was given early admission to the PhD after her first year in the MA program, has had a number of successes in research already, including a Top Three student paper at MAPOR this past fall and a forthcoming publication in Public Opinion Quarterly. Following in the footsteps of other MA students who have chosen to stay at OSU rather than leave for other programs -- including Lindsay Hoffman, Tiffany Thomson, and Jason Reineke -- it further demonstrates that the supportive yet challenging environment we offer produces both satisfaction and success. Glad to have you staying with us Teresa!


Myiah Hively said...

Yay Teresa! I'm glad you decided to stay!

Kristen Landreville said...

Yay for Teresa staying! I'm so excited to continue working with you and have you as my office mate! :)

Lindsay Hoffman said...

You're on a great path, Teresa. Keep up the good work!