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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Alyssa Morey Picks OSU

Alyssa Morey, a University of Wisconsin undergraduate, is the latest in the long line of students from around the country to commit to OSU and to become part of the COPS group. Alyssa has interests in media perceptions (especially the hostile media phenomenon), new technology, and political participation, among other topics. Please welcome her to our group! For now she can be reached at


Andrew F. Hayes said...

Welcome Alyssa. You've made an excellent choice, and we all look forward to seeing you around the halls of Derby.

Myiah Hively said...

Welcome to the group Alyssa! I'm glad you decided to join us - let us know if you have any remaining questions.

Kristen Landreville said...

Welcome Alyssa! It was great meeting you at recruiting day and I'm excited to have you join us this autumn!

Lindsay Hoffman said...

I'm glad you decided to come to Ohio State, Alyssa. Feel free to email me or other group members if you have any questions!