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Thursday, March 22, 2007

What are you submitting to AEJMC?

I thought it would be interesting and useful if people responded in the comments section about what they're doing for AEJMC's deadline of April 1st. I'll start by posting in the comments first -- please join in.


William "Chip" Eveland said...

I'm working on two papers for AEJMC. The first is with Fei "Chris" Shen and will examine the conceptualization and empirical validation of knowledge structure density. We'll be using about five different data sets to really dig into this concept. The other paper is based on the Kids Voting Wave I project and will be co-authored with Lindsay Hoffman, Tiffany Thomson, and Myiah Hively. This paper will examine the influence of parents on adolescents news media use, political discussion, elaboration, and perspective-taking.

Myiah Hively said...

I have four different papers that I'm working on for AEJ - one is the collaboration listed above by Chip. I'm also working on another paper with Tiffany Thomson and Lindsay Hoffman using Kids Voting Wave 1 data looking at child and parent predictors of internal efficacy, participation and cynicism. The third looks at the moderating role of internal efficacy on the relationship between diverse discussion and engagement using data from the national online survey that was posted about earlier. Last but not least is an experiment looking at the effect of newspaper articles' coverage of voting controversy on external efficacy.

Laurel Gleason said...

I'm submitting a paper that evaluates the diverse literature on political alienation and media use (television in particular). I break down the concept of alienation into constituent parts (regime and incumbent based trust, external and internal efficacy, and campaign interest) and analyze the effect of network news use on each of these dependent variables. I may also submit a paper on the effect of party and media use on political trust and likelihood of voting (more substantial impact for Democrats than Republicans).

Lindsay Hoffman said...

These all sound great -- ok, partly because I'm involved in two. :-) I'll add one more I'm working on; it's also from the Kids Voting Wave 1 data and I'm examining predictors of parental mediation of news content among adolescents.

Kristen Landreville said...

I am submitting two papers with Heather LaMarre. The first one is a theoretical paper about the form and content differences between political movies and documentaries, and the potential effects of these differences on the audience. This paper examines knowledge and political trust as possible variables that may differ between movies and documentaries. The second paper with Heather is an experiment that builds off the theoretical paper and examines opinion and participation effects from a political movie and documentary.

I'm also submitting a paper with Abby LeGrange, a PhD student at the University of Florida (Go Gators!...and Buckeyes too!), about the framing of Bush and Blair in newspaper editorials during the Iraq War.