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Sunday, March 11, 2007

COPS student publishes in Public Opinion Quarterly

Congratulations to Teresa Myers for "Twenty years of public opinion about global warming" just accepted for publication in Public Opinion Quarterly. This paper was a collaborative effort between Teresa and American University professor Matthew Nisbet. Pieces such as this that track public opinion over decades tend to be well received and highly cited. This paper illustrates what our students are capable of right out of the starting gate (Teresa was a first year M.A. student when this paper was first drafted) and what can be accomplished when you immerse yourself in the kind of research culture that is OSU and COPS.


William "Chip" Eveland said...

Looks like time for another celebratory visit to a local adult beverage establishment! Congratulations Teresa on the first of what I think will be a long line of publications for you!

Lindsay Hoffman said...

Congrats, Teresa! That's a solid accomplishment!