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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

OSU puts out news release about new COPS study in the Journal of Communication about Climate Change

The OSU Research Communications office put out a news release yesterday about a new study by current and former COPS members Erik Nisbet, Teresa Myers, and Morgan Ellithorpe (Sol Hart from University of Michigan is also a co-author). The study focuses upon competitive framing message environments, open-/closed-mindedness, and support for government intervention on climate change mitigation. The study is in press at Journal of Communication and is fully available online. The full release is available from the Research Communication website.

The citation and abstract appears below:

Nisbet, E.C., Hart, P.S., Myers, T., & Ellithorpe, M. (in press). Attitude change in competitive framing environments? Open/close-mindedness and framing effects about climate change. Journal of Communication.

Abstract: Framing scholarship on policy issues has primarily focused on how competitive message environments alter framing effects or how individual differences moderate the impact of frames. This study combines both of these focal areas by examining how individual open-/closed-mindedness moderates framing effects about climate change within competitive and noncompetitive framing contexts. Contrary to previous scholarship, our experimental study finds effects on attitudes in the competitive framing condition, but not the noncompetitive framing condition. The framing effects found in the competitive condition were contingent upon individual differences in open-/closed-mindedness. Analysis shows that individual open-/closed-mindedness influences framing effects in part by altering the effects of frame exposure on the perceived costs and benefits of government climate policies.

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