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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

NCA Papers Accepted

Several COPS graduate students recently received the good word that their papers have been accepted for presentation at the upcoming annual meeting of the National Communication Association to be held in San Francisco (November). The COPS members include alumnus Heather LaMarre, now at the University of Minnesota, Kristen Landreville, who will soon be departing for a new position at the University of Wyoming, and current doctoral students Jay Hmielowski and Jayeon Lee. Congrats!

Garrett, R. K., Carnahan, D., & Lynch, E. A turn toward selectivity? Changes in Americans’ exposure to cross-cutting political outlets online. In Selective Exposure and Political Communication panel. Political Communication Division.

Landreville, K., D., Holbert, R. L., & LaMarre, H. L. The influence of late-night TV comedy viewing on political talk: A moderated-mediation model. Political Communication Division.

Hmielowski, J. D., Holbert, R. L., & Lee, J. Predicting the consumption of political TV satire: Affinity for political humor, The Daily Show, and The Colbert Report. Political Communication Division.

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