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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

COPS in Montreal for ICA

Decisions have been rendered on submissions to the annual conference of the International Communication Association held in Montreal this May. As always, research in political communication and public opinion by COPS will be well represented on the international research stage. Here is a partial list of papers COPS members will be presenting.

Beam, M. A.
The portal effect: The impact of customized content on news exposure.

Hayes, A. F., Glynn, C. J., & Huge, M. A.
Cautions in the interpretation of coefficients and hypothesis tests in linear models with interactions.

Hayes, A. F., & Myers, T. M.
Testing the "proximate casualties hypothesis": Local troop loss, attention to news and support for military intervention.

Hively, M. H. & Landreville, K. D.
The interaction between efficacy and emotion in predicting civic engagement.

Holbert, R. L., & Benoit, W. L.
A Theory of political campaign media connectedness.

Holbert, R. L., & Hansen, G. J.
Stepping beyond message specificity in the study of affect as mediator and inter-affective associations: Fahrenheit 9/11, candidate aversion, and perceptions of debate superiority.

Lamarre, H., & Knobloch-Westerwick, S.
Dark black rap and bright white rock: Effects of radical music on support of ethnic groups.

Landreville, K., & LaMarre, H.
Documentary and historical reenactment film: A comparison of transportation, emotion, interest, and learning.

Kim, Y.M., & Geidner, N. W.
Politics as friendship: The impact of online social networks on young voters' political behavior.

Min, S. J., & Feaster, J.
Missing children in news: Racial and gender representation of missing children cases in television news.

Shen, F., Lu, Y., Guo, Z. & Zhou, B.
News media use, perception, and efficacy: A multi-level analysis of media participation in China.

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