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Sunday, December 09, 2007

Academic year off to a great start for COPS

First, congratulations to Myiah Hively for her sole-authored top-two paper at MAPOR, which continues the group's five year streak of wins at this public opinion conference. Graduate students Michael Beam, Nick Geidner, Laurel Gleason, Jay Hmielowski, Heather LaMarre, Kristen Landreville, Teresa Myers, and Chris Shen were all authors on MAPOR papers as well. Faculty members Chip Eveland, Lance Holbert, Young Mie Kim, and Mike McCluskey also had papers at MAPOR, as did COPS alumni Tiffany Thomson and Lindsay Hoffman. Way to make an impact at the group's main autumn conference everyone!

We also had some great student research presentations to the group this quarter by Jay Hmielowski; Myiah Hively & Kristen Landreville; Micheal Beam, Kristen Landreville, & Heather LaMarre; and Teresa Myers.

Opportunities for future research abound, as we heard in October from faculty members Lance Holbert, Kelly Garrett, Mike McCluskey, Chip Eveland and Andy Hayes about the many data sets available exclusively to COPS students and faculty for analysis.

Last but certainly not least, COPS was instrumental in attracting soon-to-be Cornell Ph. D. Erik Nisbet to join the School's faculty as an assistant professor in strategic communication starting Autumn 2008. Welcome Erik!

The group has a lot to be proud of already, and we're just getting started -- great work everyone!

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