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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Stats / Methods for WI 2008 and Beyond

As you all know, among communication programs we have one of the strongest internal methods/stats training programs available in the country. First year students will be enrolling in Andrew Hayes' second level required statistics course in the Winter. And, as enrollment time comes, I wanted to remind senior students about Lance Holbert teaching the COMM 801 Structural Equation Modeling course this Winter as well. Those of you who took COMM 801 last year (with Andrew Hayes as "Advanced Linear Models") are permitted to take this course again since the topic shifts regularly.

Also, you might know that both Andrew and Lance have forthcoming books on advanced stats / methods. Andrew, in addition to his book Statistical Methods for Communication Science, and being an Associate Editor for the journal Communication Methods and Measures, has another book (co-authored with our own Mike Slater) coming out this fall called The Sage Sourcebook of Advanced Data Analysis Methods for Communication Research. Lance's book, which is in progress, is entitled Sourcebook for Political Communication Research: Methods, Measures and Analytical Techniques.

So, take advantage of the resources here (as well as in OSU's Quantitative Psychology program, our Graduate Interdisciplinary Specialization in Survey Research headed by COPS' own Jerry Kosicki, and advanced courses in Political Science and Education as well) and become a methods and stats expert today!

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