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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Fei "Chris" Shen wins MC&S Top Student Paper Award!

I learned today that Chris Shen has won the Mass Communication & Society division of AEJMC's Top Student Paper Award. His paper, which discusses what he calls "intra-media interactions," will be presented at AEJMC in August. Congratulations Chris for helping keep our COPS streak of award-winning AEJMC papers alive for four (or is it five, Andrew) straight years!!!


Lindsay Hoffman said...

Congrats, Chris!

Myiah Hively said...

Great job Chris! Congratulations!

Andrew F. Hayes said...

Congratulations to Chris! To answer Chip's question, COPS students or faculty have taken a top/top3 paper award at AEJMC for 5 consecutive years. In some years we've had more than one student and/or faculty member in the top in different divisions.