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Monday, May 14, 2007

Reineke Wins Comm Day Research Award

Congratulations to COPS member Jason Reineke for winning the School of Communication's Morgan Award last week during our Comm Day festivities! This award was given to Jason for his excellence in research during his time here at OSU, which includes multiple papers currently in press, three different top student paper awards, and a dozen conference papers in his four years (two M.A., two Ph.D.) with us so far. Keep up the great work Jason!


Myiah Hively said...

Congratulations Jason!

Kristen Landreville said...

Congrats Jason!

Andrew F. Hayes said...

This is a well-deserved award. Jason has shown us what a work horse he is, and his productivity shows how hard work, dedication, and focus will eventually pay dividends.

Lance said...


Outstanding job! Continue the good work!