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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

OSU Ranked in the Top Three for Study of Mass Communication

A recent study of faculty productivity among programs in mass communication, reported by the Chronicle of Higher Education, shows OSU's School of Communication ranked as #3 in the nation in 2005. Among the top ten schools, we have the highest rate of citation of our work. We have the highest number of journal article publications per faculty member among the top ten schools as well, and we are tied for the highest percentage of faculty with journal publications. This is further demonstration of the strength of our program, which will be only better with the addition of new faculty like Lance Holbert starting in the fall. For more information on this study, click here.


William "Chip" Eveland said...

I should also point out...Although we were not ranked in the more general "Communication" area (probably due to our previous name as "School of JOURNALISM and Communication"), our ranking in the various categories would place us at the top of the more general field of communication as well.

Andrew Hayes said...

A lot of people say the Big Ten is where to study communication. Acknowleding that those people are usually at Big Ten universities, these rankings do confirm that belief. The top 4 are Big Ten universities, as are five of the top 10.