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Wednesday, September 06, 2006


This year three COPS faculty (Eveland, Hayes, & Kosicki) and some COPS graduate students are working with faculty and graduate students in the Political Science department to field The Ohio Political Survey (TOPS). This year TOPS will be a three wave panel study plus a cross-sectional study of Ohio adults. Wave I of TOPS began today. Wave II will begin in early October, and Wave III (and the cross-section) will begin the day after the election. The study will examine a number of topics related to Ohio politics and the governor/U.S. senate campaigns, including election and political scandals, opinion perceptions, political discussion networks, and new forms of political media. Look for preliminary results posted here as the data become available, and more detailed findings to be submitted to future academic conferences.

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Andrew Hayes said...

As we all know, a study designed to answer questions A, B, and C often end ups being useful to answer questions A, B, C, D, E, F, and G. The data that will result from this panel study is likely to be useful to COPS for years to come in unanticipated ways. We all owe considerable thanks to Chip, who spent countless hours taking charge of the COPS end of the TOPS survey and who no doubt added a few gray hairs dealing with looming deadlines and various other obstacles to the translation of great ideas into real data.